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Thanks to a major supporter in North Carolina, we just added 8 gluten free locations in North Carolina!!

In Greensboro, we added: Tate Street Coffee House, Coffeeology, The Green Bean Coffeehouse, Iron Hen Cafe, Deep Roots Market, and Zen Cat Bakery. In Durham: Bean Traders and Straw Valley Cafe!

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[Review] Front Street Pizza in Brooklyn!
Front Street Pizza is your typical neighborhood pizzeria, but better. The location is great, as Front Street sits only a few blocks from the Brooklyn Bridge. Upon entering the pizzeria you will be gr See more...
10 Ways You Know You're #GlutenFree...
We're gluten free and we're proud. Yes, we're a little weird. Sure, we have quirks that only loved ones and fellow gluten freers can understand, but what is life without a little flavor? Right? Consi See more...
[Recipe] Chicken & Rice Casserole
Here at The World is Gluten Free, we are all about community. That is why our team consists of people from a variety of backgrounds focusing on improving various communities. That is also why we high See more...
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Tasty Bakery
Baked Goods, Bakery, Organic, Vegan
Ann Arbor, MI
Seasoned Vegan
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New York, NY
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In a nutshell: Celiac Disease (also known as Celiac Sprue or Coeliac) is an autoimmune disorder, in which the immune system decides that the consumption of the gluten protein (found in barley, rye, w See more...
We know, we know. One night you go to bed and the world is as you’ve known it. Then, the next day, you wake up hearing “gluten free this!!!” or “gluten free that!!!!” It is hard not to feel See more...